Sunday, January 30, 2011

No Way Jose!

I am a big fan of the special one, Jose Mourinho. I dont necessarily always agree with his tactics, but he has this Fergie like aura about him. He teaches teams to win, a very difficult task. But to do this, he has one demand and something that not all teams can manage. He will choose his team and this will cost money. And being the coach of Real Madrid, he never thought he will fall short of money, and strangely he has!

Mourinho built his chelsea team over 3 years and he got some of the mainstays of todays chelsea. He took 2 years to get his Inter team that became europe champions and strangely he didnt poach any of them into Real Madrid. But at Real Madrid, for a change, he has been denied the money to go ahead and buy a quality forward as backup for injured Higuain and relatively goalless Benzema. All he has got is a man city discard in Adebayoor on loan and frankly this is just a desperate move. This has resulted in a lot of love loss between the top honchos of Real Madrid and Mourinho and resulting in reports that Mourinho is going to head towards the premier league next season.

While Mourinho is right in his place to pick a team he thinks can win Madrid the silverware they so desperately need, he has done quite a bit of shopping already and is yet to put up an earnest challenge to the record breaking Barca, which just broke Madrids record since 1961 for team with max number of continuous wins. So the Madrid owners are well within their right to feel a bit let down and a little doubtful of Mourinhos big plan. Mourinho should realize though that he has one of the best squads in the world! You cant always get the best possible for every position and if you did then what is the bloody challenge in making them winners?? He wanted magic, he has Ronaldo and now Kaka. He wanted speedy creative midfielders, he got Di Maria and Ozil. He wanted classy defence, he has Carvalho. He wanted old fashioned defence he has Pepe and Ramos. And he has an overqualified Xabi Alonso for holding midfield role too. All he has to do is find a solution for the forward role! C'mon Jose, you are the special one, get something special to work and not keep crying like the pampered brat of rich parents!!

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