Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blues see the blues

What does it take to be on top for an entire epl season? Well, don't ask Chelsea for they surely don't know, at least not this season. :-)

Another match, another draw and Chelsea have truly lost their way and will not defend their crown this season. People (mostly commentators) keep the hopes alive of all the top 5 club supportors, so that the viewership doesn't wane. But clearly, the crown is for Man U to lose and not for the rest to win. Chelsea are just so far away from the team that started this season and it is sad and strange that it has come to this. Aston Villa showed some grit for a change (and much like last season) and held their nerve till the very end. And Chelsea didn't show what defending champions should and that is "shut out" the game!

What ails Chelsea is not difficult to figure, at least not for me and I am surprised why Carlo hasn't doesn't enough to stem the rot. Chelsea is a physical team and part of their game is "fear" and the loss of terry, lampard, drogba and to some extent essien earlier in the season made many teams see that this chelsea can be beaten physically. Also, they let go of guys who could be physical like Ballack and clinical like Carvalho. And without lampard and essien there is absolutely zero creative drive in the team, not even from the bench! Carlo has to see this January transfer window as an opportunity to bolster the creative side of Chelsea and not just get cover for the injured Alex.This season is anyway lost, but creative guys need time to understand the runs of forwards like Drogba or Kalou or Anelka and do a good job next season.

Lets see how much more worse it can get for Chelsea before it gets better...

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