Sunday, January 2, 2011

The lost pilgrim

The goody-two-shoes of the footballing world, Kaka, is seeing an uncertain future. He had a dismal world cup followed by 5 months of injury layoff. He is now ready to get back into the fold but mourinho has already filled Real Madrid midfield with his croonies, some deserving like ozil and some undeserving like khedira. So, what does Kaka do? Well... he goes to Man U, of course. :-)

But seriously, this is a great move for Kaka and in many ways Real too. Real would not want players not getting enough play time and cite that as a reason to leave to lesser clubs and make a mockery of the money they spent on them. I am not so sure if this will really benefit Man U though, since Kaka is coming off a long injury layoff and a wretched season before that. If the deal does materialize, we will have some brazilian flair and quality in EPL for a change, something that has been thoroughly lacking.

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