Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fall, Fall, Fall

One of the matches I got to see today was Liverpool vs Bolton Wanderers. Strangely enough, i watched the match more for Bolton than for the Reds. And more specifically I was keen on watching Lee Chung-Yong. When I did not see him in the starting line-up, I figured he must be out for the Asia Cup duty. Anywayz... I ended up watching the entire match and saw the Reds pull off a tight one, much to the relief of Hodgson who couldn't stop sweating in the rainy midlands. :-)

While the match in itself was a gerrard show and the commentators didn't hide their excitement in exaltdefing the England captain, it also showed the continued "fall from grace" of Fernando Torres. Here was the most talented striker in world football not so long ago, struggling to control even the simplest of passes. He could not get past a single defender and was losing most one on one situations. He was strong, he was fast, but where was the skill? He was an embarassment only saved some blushes by the woeful Ngog!

Coming back to Torres, something seems very wrong with the lad. He has just "lost" his skills over the last year and no amout of confidence from his coach, team, fans seems to be able to bring it back. He has already lost his first team place in the Spanish national team and with Fernando Llorente among the news to make the big move to Camp Mourinho, looks like Torres will not do national duty for some time to come. As cruel as it may sound, Spains midfield deserves a better striker and Torres would know that better than most.

Heres hoping that Torres comes back to his defender-scaring best in 2011... :-)


  1. Hodgson keeps insisting that El Matador is gonna explode 'real soon'.....being a Reds' fan, i really hope he's right!

  2. Hodgson did a great job with Fulham. He had a less talented side and he got the most out of them. But handling a bunch of talented guys... well, not the same. Frankly, he seems clueless. He better get his act right, else he is gonna lose torres, reina and possibly gerrard.