Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Loaning game time

It has finally happened! The much talked about and much hyped about Kakuta has gone to Fulham on loan. This should be a huge relief for Kakuta who was rusting at chelsea, be it for lack of game time or injury. I have always wanted to see Kakuta play. Since he was counting every second of every minute on pitch, he was just too nervous to show some real game. Yes, that is no excuse, but give the kid a break, I really think he has it in him. At Fulham he will get first team play time and possibly show some of the talent that can make the risk averse Carlo to make the boy the first team choice at chelsea next season.

While this is a good move for Kakuta and chelsea, carlo is just a kid at this game. Look at Man U and Fergie, they have been offloading their talented benchwarmers like welbeck, diouf, cleverly or more recently macheda! These boys are getting enough match time to sharpen their already established skills and get themselves ready as replacements for old timers like giggs or scholes who will probably play only one in four or five matches from now on. Sure chelsea has a lot of boys on loan, but how many of them are close to first team action? I would say very few or even none. This loan thingy is supposed to also get bored squad members some game time and that is all chelsea is managing right now. Not a long term plan in my opinion.

Anyway, lets wait and see how all this unfolds... for now, I am happy I can see Kakuta play, albeit not for chelsea!

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