Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Who is listening?

How many remember Daniel Aggers play from 2-3 seasons back? I thought he was one of the most complete of the young defenders playing in epl. He has since been seen sparingly and he isn't really too happy about it either. To keep things interesting for Hodgson he has gone public with his frustration on seeing such less play time.

I dont know about every club out there, but I would think Carlo will be very interested in this, since he is looking for an Alex cover and I think Agger can do the part and more. He needs a bit of controlling, but then, who does need controlling these days. :-) Look at the mess that happens while training in the man city ranks! You fill a team will bloated egos and short of world class talent, this is what happens. Money attracts the best and the worst and in my opinion adebayoor falls in the latter category.

Managers and their troubles... no wonder they get paid well (pun intended). :-)

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