Sunday, January 16, 2011

Anti Climax

One of the most important matches of the premier league this season was played between Man U and Spurs today. Without going into the details of how the match in itself went, here are what stuck out for me.

  1. Tottenham are definite title contenders if they continue to play this way
  2. Man U just doesnt have the quality to win tight matches this season, but they sure have the quality to not lose tight matches! But I can safely predict, they will not win Europe this year... no way!
  3. What does two superfast wingers in Bale and Lennon do to Man U? Well, Man U had next to no presence in the wings! Definite weakness
  4. My Man Of The Match - Assou Ekoto. He kept Nani so quite that he had to be substituted. He kept pace with Rooney when needed and was on the receiving end of the foul that red carded Rafael and many defensive duties...

All in all, the match was end to end on the pitch and quite entertaining from the Spurs side. The only thing that was missing was the spark of magic needed to win such games. Spurs came out of the scoreless draw thinking they deserved to win, while Fergie was more than happy to take a point away from this match!

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