Friday, January 14, 2011

Lucky Alex?

I have hoped and wished for many years now to see the last of Alex Ferfusson, but the old fox just wont quit! He has won a lot at Man U and will win many more before he is done. This year Man U is in contention for all the 3 silverwares in offer in England and stand good to win at least 2 of them, if not all. There was a time when i used to think than Man U and Alex were just plain lucky. They never seem to have the right team in terms of big names, but they always won. They won easy games...well, easily. They won the tough games too with some hard nosed resistence. They seem impregnable at times in defence and menacing at times in attack, even with little to no creativity in midfield with the likes of scholes and giggs past their prime. But their consistency at the top have made the likes of Chelsea and will make the likes of Man City look like flash in the pans. And I believe like many else, there is always a method with Alex and he is yet to be found wrong.

Alex has some oldies in his team, yet he makes very good use of them. He always knows whom to play in which game and when. For e.g. Park plays more 'must not lose' games, especially in Europe. Giggs plays with teams that cant handle penetrating presence while scholes plays against teams with weak holding midfielders. It took me a while to see the pattern, but then, there is method to Alexs madness, I think. And he always gets guys young and then makes them into super players (only to sell them off at huge profits :-) ). But seriously, look at the youngsters he has been giving a lot of matches. Anderson, the silva brothers, chicarito and even evans! And look at the youngsters on loan, diouf, welbeck, bebe, macheda, cleverly and so on. When the likes of scholes, giggs and neville are gone and the likes of rooney are sold (kidding! :-) ), these youngs guns will continue to keep Man U on top of the EPL. And at this rate, Alex will continue to coach Man U, even from his grave!!

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