Sunday, January 16, 2011

Whine Whine Whine

I am sick and tired of hearing the Arsenal camp whining after every defeat. Sure, they play the preetiest football in the premier league, but anyone who has seen football and more so the premier league knows that pretty doesn't necessarily win you matches!This Holier than thou attitude has stricken Arsene Wenger and his boy Cesc Fabregas for a while now and they don't seem to give up on it. They seem to have forgotten the Vieira days when they were one of the roughest team around.

Arsenal are called the Barcelona of the Premier league. While not playing down the achievements of Wenger and his star player, to be compared with Barcelona is a big deal, especially the Barcelona of the last 2-3 years. Have you heard of Barcelona whine about the way Inter Milan played in the champions league? The Inter team was many times less skillful than the barcelona team that played them, but they played to a very defensive mourinho plan which meant to stifle barcelonas freedom in midfield while using the speed and strength of milito, pandev and eto with fast breaks. As history will say, this was a brilliant move and it worked, worked very well indeed. Yes, it was physical, but Barcelona didn't complain, because they knew they were beaten more by strategy than by physical power play. Admit that as a weakness, work on it and move on!

Faced with a similar challenge Arsenal is somehow unwilling to move on. This is possibly because they cant get players who can withstand the physical onslaught that are part and parcel of the premier league or because Wenger cant think of any strategies on how to make his team immune to these challenges. Blaming these inadequacies on the game plans of other teams is just childish! What if a less skillful team were to tell arsenal to stop playing the passing game? Would Wenger and Cesc like that suggestion??

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