Sunday, February 13, 2011

Desperate Blues

Last season end saw some big names like deco, ballack, joe cole, carvalho etc depart from Chelsea. This greatly reduced the spends at the Blues, but they did little to restock their options. Come middle of this season, chelsea found themselves off the perch and in fact struggling to remain in the top 4. Bad form mixed with some injuries saw Chelsea struggle to score or stop goals this season and here came the desperation buys. The blues spend 50 mil quid on struggling Fernando Torres and another 25 or so for David Luiz. Are these worthy buys? only time will tell, but here is some math...

Van der vaart(8) + Mesut Ozil(12) + Luis Suarez(15) + Raul Meireles (10) = 45     vs      Torres (50) = 50

Does this really make sense? You have world class and proven midfielders in van der vaart, ozil and meireles and suarez is no schmuk with the ball in front of goal. I would have anyday chosen to go for the combo on the left side of the equation. But Carlo obviously thought differently. :-)

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