Saturday, April 30, 2011

The run in...

As strange as it may seem, chelsea is back in contention ever so remotely though for the league this year. As surprising as it is for me, the stats tell the story and they tell it impartially. Chelsea is the best team home and away over the last 2-3 months with Man U coming in second but mainly because of their home form where they have won every game. The always in contention but never good enough gunners are 14th in the league in the same time frame! They are not losing many matches but sure aren't winning much either. When the run in started arsenal started wilting, I am not surprised by this and very much expected it.

Last weekend saw a game most important for Man U and they pulled through at the very end, like they always do! They were playing the mercurial everton and things looked rather ominous for the red devils. A loss would have meant that chelsea could mount a serious challenge if they won all their games. A draw would not have been as disastrous, but a major dent to confidence since they are so strong at home this season. Now the situation is such that chelsea not only need to win every match, they need Man U to lose one. And this basically means that Man U is still the red hot favourites to take the league.

The chelsea form has made the league a bit more interesting considering that arsenal never comes to the party when it matters. But all said and done this is till Man U's league to lose...

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