Saturday, April 16, 2011

And thus it happened...

I am new to the Reds vs Blues fight over at Manchester, but like every other derby I can understand that these matches would be anxiously followed, watched and supported. While I dont particularly like the money throwing ways of Man C, the fact that Mancini is trying to build a team should be respected. Yes, he is italian and yes he is defensive but then, he is doing what he thinks is best to win. Man U or should I see their supporters on the other hand have been so unclassy to keep reminding their city neighbours of the 35 year drought. No wonder the Manchester Blues wanted to get one past the Reds so very badly.

And today, finally they did just that! I seriously am happy for them!! Reds went about it all wrong. You cant keep a guy in form like berba out of the game for so long and then put him as the lone striker in a big match and expect him to perform. That being said, his misses were really woeful! I think Chica should have played alongside Berba. And while all loyal Man U fans will go gaga over Scholes. The years (last 3) that I have seen him, he has been doing the obvious with passes and usually makes a rash late challenge every now and then. If the Man C press can go mad at balotelli for his red in the europa cup, I think the Man U press must do the same against scholes! That really was a pathetic challenge. Yes, it is a split second call and the replays make it look a lot worse. But with the experience of whatever football I have played, you are exposed to such challenges in almost every other match and you can always pull away. Its just that some players choose to and some don't. Scholes never pulls out...

All in all... my weekend football started with a much hoped result. Now for Barca to show some magic at Bernabau. :-)

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